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Our Company handled various animation production works from Japananese and Western animation projects starting from pre-production work up to final composite and editing.

We have worked on animated series and OVA's from Storyboard and Animatics up to Key Animation, In-betweens,  to Digital Ink and Paint. We assure high quality of work and professionalism when it comes to 2D Traditional or 2D Digital Animation.

Our group caters to a wide selection of  commissioned Illustration works.

Posters, Pin-ups, Comic covers, Character OC's etc. Just describe to us what you need and we will Illustrate them for you.

Developing our original IPs.


Manga and Sequential Arts is originally how everything starts.

Our team has been doing this long before our animation careers started and will still continue doing these type of works as long as it is available for this is simply one of the things that we love to do as artists.

Our Studio provides services in 3D and CGI works used in various platforms like gaming assets , game previews, animated series and more.

Our 3D Department is all set to handle CGI services from Architectural walkthroughs to animation series production works and gaming assets.

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