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      Studio 9 Lives is a full-service animation, illustration, & design company. We provide high-quality Full 2D Digital Animation Production works.


      We also provide Sequential Art Services, Game Assets Animation, Cut- Out, 3D / CG Animation, Illustrations, Concept Designs & more!

      Our roster of highly experienced & talented artists, animators & graphic designers give our company the competitive edge in giving our clients new opportunities to solving tasks that require a high level of professionalism.

Who We Are

What We do

We provide high-quality full-production animation works, starting from pre-production, design and planning up to final composite & editing. 


Our main specialty is on the Japanese Animation Production pipeline & technology which makes us the only company that produces quality "anime" production shows for outsourcing in the country, aside from western animation.

What We Aim For

Our goal is to be the best and most recognized animation studio in the Philippines that will be renowned locally and abroad for our professionalism, world-class quality of work and delivering to our clients the best service at the most globally competitive cost.

Our Clients

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One's Work

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